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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Neuroscience Desktop Wallpapers

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These days we've been working on some Neurology, Neuroscience, Brain theme wallpapers. Also we've made a little application for you to find your desktop (monitor) dimensions. Get the right image size for your monitor!

Click on the "0" in the application to get your monitor height and width. The wallpapers are in 2 dimensions formats: usual screen and wide screen. For example, if your monitor is 1024X768, it is best for you to choose the wallpaper in the 1600 X 1200 category. If your monitor is wide - 1360 X 768, it is best for you to choose the 1440 X 900 wallpaper category.

Click on the image---> then left click on your mouse----> "save image as", and choose the folder where you want to save the image. Then set up it as a desktop background. There are many ways to set up an image as wallpaper (desktop background). If you are not sure how to do it, I found on the net a clear tutorial here . Here is another very good tutorial.

Tehnical aspects (you may not need this details) : images for the wide screen are created to fit without distorsion on your wide monitor, keeping an 1:1 pixel aspect ration. So they simply have more pixels on the "X" axis. :), instead to be created with a different pixel aspect ratio. Our images are at 1:1 pixels aspect ratio. To find more about computer display go here (wikipedia). More on screens here

Finally, our team, proudly presents :) Claudiu's wallpapers

1600 X 1200 (or less) neuroscience, neurology wallpapers:neurology wallpaperneuroscience wallaper1440 X 900 (or less) Neurology, neuroscience, brain research wallpapers

neurology brain desktop wallpaperbrain research wallpaperCopyright: you can use these images for personal purposes. You are not allowed to sell, modify or use these images or parts of them in commercial purposes. You can redistribute these images or use them in public display as long as you keep the logos on the images. Link back to this post.

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Anonymous said...

Spectacular work! Very, very original! I take already these images. Thanks for this excellent present! Thomas

brain - research neuroscience group said...

I'm glad you like it! Thanks! I appreciate this comment! :)

lawrence peterson said...

i have been watching your blog for quite a while, without commenting, but now i think it is time to express myself,i find your blog a very useful one, full of detailed images and tones of is interesting and surprising to find that, intelligence, hard work and imagination can still be found.i appreciate very much your effort and skills!
hope to hear from you soon,
Lawrence Peterson

brain - research neuroscience group said...

oau! that's huge! Thanks X 100 for this comment!

Anonymous said...

The green one is phenomenal! However, could you please correct the spelling of "reserch" on it?

brain - research neuroscience group said...

:)) :)) great! thanks for observing! it is incredible that from so many many viewers, you are the first to notice or tell me this! thanks a lot! :)) :))