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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Off topic - opinions about a faculty system

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An excellent interview made by Dr. MIRELA RADULESCU with prof. Leon Zagrean, the head of the physiology department at "Carol Davila" university ,is published in Romanian here. The professor spoked about his opinions regarding the research process in Romania - and in many aspects he is very right and in some aspects he is very very right. But, when asked about students...the nuances appeared. He said that the students "are learning less and pretend high scores at the exams" Sometimes it happens to be true. The majority are somewhere at the middle and some students are very good, we tend to say. It is about Gauss curve, we say. If we talk about the general level...are students motivated?! or encouraged?! or rewarded?! Also the professor said that" there are too many students, and the admission exam is not as good as it was". About the high number of of the principle of the laboratory the proffers is leading is that "every one can come in, only those who are good it will stay". So..the problem with the big number....hmmm.....About the admission exam - the problem is a total disaster. In the communist period and many years after (till 5 years ago) the admission system was based only on 1 manual, witch was learned BY HEART (it is not a joke) by high school graduates. Then, about 100 questions at the admission were from this book. Better memory, better result. Nothing else. Just learning BY HEART 200 PAGES. Now, from many "alternative" manuals of human anatomy and physiology for high school, and many manuals of organic chemistry, one for anatomy and one for chemistry are selected. The high school students are learning by-heart this two manuals, and they will give a test and...nothing else. So, the problem is not the exam is too easy (is the same as 30 years ago). Nothing else matters - just memory. What are you thinking, what are your abilities, your passion and devotion for this area are not evaluated. The professor didn't spoke about this. Maybe this is why students aren't learning too much - many of them are here because at the arts universities you must have talent & knowledge, at math & physics you must have the proper skills and at medicine you only have to learn by heart 200 pages. At the BIG universities, things are different: HARVARD:
Selection Factors

Admission to Harvard Medical School is very selective. We seek students of integrity and maturity who have concern for others, leadership potential and an aptitude for working with people.
The Committee on Admissions evaluates applications based on several factors, including:
* Academic Records
* Applicant's essay
* Medical College Admission Test scores
* Extracurricular activities
* Summer Occupations
* Life experiences
* Experience in the health field, including research or community work
* Letters of evaluation
Candidates are selected on the basis of the following considerations:
* Undergraduate record.
* Medical College Admissions Test Scores.
* Letters of Recommendation.
* Graduate Record, where applicable.
* Life Experiences (research, volunteerism, etc).
* Interview(s) by member of the Admissions Committee.
All applications are considered carefully on their individual merits and tutors consider academic achievements, predicted grades, candidates' personal statements and academic references as well as any written work or written test that may be required as part of the application. Candidates who feel that they under-performed at GCSE may be able to compensate for this by demonstrating clear upward progression at AS-level as well as in predicted or achieved A-level scores. You may wish to refer to this in your personal statement.

Is there any difference in the admission system? hmmm...

also "they are determining a low level even for well prepared students' - i sincerely don't understand this affirmations, it is about the exams, or about the teaching level? Also, in the opinion of the professor, the high number of students who are paying for their studies is too big. I have in mind that , at the BIG universities, all the students are paying. Only in Romania and other countries, faculty is payed by the government. Why my parents or your sister have to pay for others to study? For paying the teacher - it is ok, but paying for others.....hmmm and we have a liberal government :))) :))) Also, he mentioned that the fees - 1000 E/year are too low. I saw some days ago some fees at London 1500, 2500E, Amsterdam univ. - 900E, Paris 1200E, Berlin 1100E, Bruxelles - 900E. To remind you that the average salary is 240 E/month for a university graduate with 15 years of experience!?!!. Or the scholarship for excellence is 58E/month, except the summer vacation and Christmas holiday when it is not given?! So, i wander, from where this high costs in Romania? Are we paying too much for the electricity?, or for the salaries or for the laboratories :))) :))) (i just mentioned it above). So?

Anyway, the professor mentioned twice the good students, which is good.
Paul T.


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