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Wednesday, October 03, 2007 UPDATES

Posted by brain - research neuroscience group updates on DEEP BRAIN STIMULATION MECHANISM (3.10.2007) here
the new pages can be found in "THALAMUS IN NEUROLOGY, NEUROSURGERY and in PHARMACOLOGY" site section, at "Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) effect on neuronal firing"
which is a component of "Neurosurgery" Chapter.
{if you have already visited the old page, using Mozilla Firefox, in order to see the new pages, first select "tools" from the menu bar, then select "clear private data" and then check all Except "cookies" and "saved passwords" and then hit "clear private data now" button. This will clear data deposited in your computer by Mozilla, and will launch the updated page}

11 NEW web pages and 17 NEW pages in pdf format (A4).

11 NEW web pages about deep brain stimulation at thalamic and subthalamic level.
-neuroanatomy in 2D & 3D
-connections (afferences and efferences)
-functional implication of DBS on thalamic and subthalamic firing
-subthalamo-thalamo-cortical neuronal mechanisms & DBS effect
-basal ganglia & thalamus in DBS stimulation
-functional scheme
-neuronal network scheme
-latest research reviews
-extraordinary design
-easy navigation
-clear message
(a big monitor & a high resolution will enhance your navigation)17 PDFs in A4 format with the content of the "Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) effect on neuronal firing"

-high resolution
-easy to use
-modern design
-useful data
-clear vision
-logic scheme
-perfect for your documentation about DBS
-just waiting to be printed :) here

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Anonymous said...

Informatie impecabila,imagini excelente!Sunteti adevarati profesionisti si, pe deasupra, mai aveti si stil!!!George

Anonymous said...

very good work! T.

Fabrizio Marcolongo said...

Keep up the good work!!! astonishing pictures!!! you're a " professional comunicator": did you ever send your work to a TVNetwork?.... I think you'd better do it! also for science documentary,...or other works as Elsevier presentations, ....